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Hydraulic aircraft jacks and static tail-weight/stands from the original designer of the most versatile and highest quality airplane jacks for general aviation, light corporate and home-built airplanes - KHWMI/!

Frequently Asked Questions about KHWMI Aircraft Jacks

Q - Products - What products are offered and how are they produced?

Products - KHWMI designs and manufactures a diverse line of high quality hydraulic aircraft jacks and static tail weight/stands for use on light general aviation, corporate and homebuilt aircraft.

Fabrication - The following methods are used in fabricating the components of our products:

Bases: Our jack bases, the heart of the KHWMI design, feature heavy 8 gauge (3/16" thick) HROP (Hot Rolled Oil Pickled) steel.  The requisite holes are made in the parts using numerically controlled automated equipment.  These parts are then brake formed into C-Channel.  Though more expensive to fabricate than the extruded channel used by other builders, it was learned that using this specific material and production process lent itself to the unique qualities of our design.  The punched and formed channels are then jig-fitted and MIG welded using robotic welders to ultimately create our unique three-legged trihedral base.  This process produces an exceptionally strong and durable structure that has an incredibly stable footprint that does not interfere with the aircraft's landing gears, gear doors or tires.  Additionally, the KHWMI jack does not require the removal or disconnection of the gear doors or their mechanical linkages when swinging the gear.

Hydraulics:  Whenever practical, we at KHWMI make every effort to design and build our products making use of existing component parts that have been proven to substantially lend themselves to our products' design and their anticipated applications.  This measured effort allows us to create high quality products at a fraction of what it would cost to design and manufacture this quality of product from the ground up.  This approach of using these 'off-the-shelf' components, allow us to make our products as inexpensive as possible.  This of course, allows us to pass these savings on to you.

Given this, the hydraulic components incorporated into our designs are products that have consistently demonstrated themselves in practice and in time.  The cylinders that we employ in our product line come from reputable and reliable sources and as a result, ensure their availability and service long into the future.

Other Components: The hydraulic cylinders' centering collars are also a KHWMI design.  This component is fabricated from heavy 10 gauge, HROP.  The flat is cut out using one of the finest lasers in the industry today.  Hardware is pressed into place and the final forming is accomplished prior to finish.  As with all KHWMI jack components, a strict and thorough quality assurance inspection is accomplished throughout every stage of fabrication to ensure the highest standards and quality is maintained in every piece and component we put into our products.

The other fabricated and welded component parts of our products are all accomplished utilizing fixtures and jigs to ensure the parts that you receive are consistently of the highest quality and will accomplish the tasks for which they are employed with the performance that you demand, expect and deserve.

Q - What is your 'Trihedral Footprint' and what's so great about it?

The Heart of the Matter:
The heart of every jack is the base of the unit.  As such, we focused on this fact and as a result, it is our base that is (still) unique.  It is unique in that, unlike other designs, the KHWMI base doesn't (initially) sit flat.

An Explanation:
Our base has three (Tri) legs.  It is designed to have a specific void between the bottom edge at the apex of the jack base and the shop floor.  This void is achieved by forming and welding the legs at a calculated angle (Hedral).  This void exists ONLY until a pre-determined weight is exerted on the jack.  When adequate weight is placed on the unit, the legs capture the floor to keep the unit stable and level.  This can only be accomplished by way of the trihedral set into the base.  Thus, the legs yield to progressively and equally close the void and at the same time, adequately allow for irregularities that may exist in and/or on the floor.  This results in a jack that can NOT wobble or be unstable.  This effect is impossible for any unit that sits 'Flat' to begin with.

To further this explanation by example, look at virtually anything that is supposed to sit flat and be stable.  You will find that there is a void in the center or apex of the item.  Something as simple as a pop bottle or can has the same principal.  Now take an item that is flat - a board or a book etc.  Place it on a flat surface i.e. table or floor, with a foreign object between it and the surface.  You will find it impossible to keep it stable - it will rock or wobble - simply because it has to.  You will find the same is true should there be two or more flat surfaces that are of an un-equal height - such as in the case of sectional slabs of concrete on the hangar floor.  The problem described above, does not exist with our design; plus it clears gear doors and is exceedingly versatile!

Now then, if your aircraft were up on jacks and you or your staff was working on or under the craft, would you want the jack to have the potential to move?  Or would you like the peace of mind and safety in knowing that the jack CAN'T move?  We are certain that the obvious answer to this single question is what's so great about the KHWMI 'Trihedral Footprint', and is but one of the many 'details' that make our products the best!

Q - Finish - What kinds of finishes are on the jacks and the tail weight/stand?

Powder-Coated - All fabricated bare metal components of the KHWMI jack product line as well as our tail weight/stands are covered with a durable direct to metal powder-coat finish.  This powder-coat finish is specifically designed for application on parts that may be subject to harsh environments and the outdoors.  This finish requires minimum maintenance and upkeep and is intended to provide years of protection and lasting beauty.

Galvanized - Unique to KHWMI products - is that for quality and durability, we designed the short braces on our jacks, as well as the vertical slide-attach of our tail weight/stand to be produced from hard-wearing galvanized steel.  This finish is exceedingly tough and readily lends itself to years of use without the telltale signs of wear and tear that a painted surface would display in a friction and part-to-part sliding application.  In addition to being extremely strong, tough and attractive, KHWMI braces double as handy storage compartments to stow the jack pump-handle out of the way when not in use.  KHWMI combination brace/pump-handle racks provide you with three convenient options on each unit for stowing the pump-handle.

Q - Application - My aircraft isn't listed, will your jacks work in my application?

Application - Sadly, it was not feasible to create a single jack that was safe, practical, economical and at the same time suitable for every aircraft of factory and homebuilt persuasion.  We did however, succeed in the creation of a jack kit that covers the majority of applications and successfully provides the answer to the model specific dilemma faced by so many customers.  Further, should your particular application not be specifically identified, that does not necessarily mean that use on your aircraft is not possible.  However, to establish applicability, some determinations must be made.

Note: It is extremely important when jacking or weighting an aircraft that the recommendations of the aircraft designer or manufacturer be followed in precise detail as the procedures required for each aircraft differ.  Use ONLY the approved jack-point or aircraft lift-points as defined by the aircraft designer or manufacturer.  With this in mind, determine the following:

  • What are the minimum dimensional distance between the aircraft's jack-point and the ground?  (Note: This dimension is typically determined when the aircraft is in a static ramp attitude, with no one on board, full fuel and on level ground with tires, struts and/or landing gears within their normal operating dimensional range).
  • What is the stroke (extended dimension) required permitting the necessary clearance to accomplish the desired task, operation or repair?
  • How many jacks are required to raise the aircraft in compliance with the aircraft designer's methodology and instruction?
  • Is a tail weight or tail stand required?  If so, what dimension and/or weight is required?
E-Mail this information to KHWMI™ for a free, no obligation analysis and cost estimate for your application.  Please provide contact information should we have additional questions.

Q - Assembly - Are the jacks difficult to assemble and/or convert for different applications?

Assembly - No, not at all.  With all jack orders, we provide clear and complete assembly instructions.  We also include a general aircraft jacking procedure sheet with safety considerations and warnings that are typically applicable to the jacking of aircraft.  Aside from our product's assembly being almost intuitive, all of our products come complete with all necessary hardware, parts and step-by-step assembly instructions.  Though most configurations are usually obvious, we provide a configuration/application chart with each High-Wing set we sell.  This provides an at-a-glance jack-to-aircraft configuration that quickly and clearly matches and identifies what (applicable) aircraft are appropriate to each jack configuration.

Q - Is your product guaranteed?

Guarantee - Absolutely!  We provide a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.  If you're not satisfied with the performance, convenience and/or versatility of our product, simply return the product in re-saleable condition and we will refund your money less actual shipping charges.

Q - Is there a Warranty on your products?

Warranty - Yes, we offer a 1-year from date of purchase warranty on component parts provided with each product.  Should a component fail to perform as designed, we will repair or replace the component at our expense, less actual shipping charges.

Q - Are replacement parts available?

Parts - Yes.  Should a part or component become damaged or be lost, replacement parts of all components and repair kits for the hydraulic units are available for a quick and easy remove and replace repair.  Contact us with your original order number (on your invoice), identify what part or parts are required with the number of pieces needed.  Please also provide a contact number and best time to call.  We will contact you with the billing details and get your parts off to you in short order.

Q - How does one jack meet all of these applications?

Needs/Applications - Careful consideration was given to designing our jacks and tail weight/stands.  Our goal and criteria were to meet as many jacking and weight applications as possible, without compromising safety, stability or ease of use.  While it would be nearly impossible to meet every conceivable jacking or weight application, we have succeeded in building a product that will work on the vast majority of commercial applications and many homebuilt aircraft as well.  Years of product design and trial applications have resulted in a product that we are confident will successfully meet the majority if not all of your aircraft jacking needs.

Q - What methods of ordering do you offer?

Ordering - At this time, we offer five methods with which you may order from KHWMI.  They are:

  • On-Line:  Secure online ordering.  Use our online shopping cart to get your order submitted without delay.  Simply select your product by clicking on the appropriate item button, and the shopping cart will show your purchases with a running total.  After making your selections, click check out and follow the step-by-step, easy to follow ordering/check out process.  You will find the process is easy, convenient, fast and secure.
  • Phone: Order by phone 24 hours a day!  For phone orders only, in the U.S. call toll free at 1-888-62JACKS (625-2257).  International orders, please call 1-651-458-9820.  When you call, you will receive prompt, courteous attention from the operator.  When placing your order please have: Your Customer number (telephone number or assigned number);  Preferred shipping method if other than UPS standard 3-day delivery;  Credit card information or alternate payment method nearby to permit the operator to take your order quickly and efficiently.
  • E-Mail ORDER - Just click here, complete the E-Mail order form and your order will be on its way.
  • FAX:  For your convenience, our FAX machine is available full time, around the clock, throughout the year - 24/7.  However, when ordering, it is necessary that you type or print clearly to allow us to correctly read and fulfill your order.  To do this, we ask that you simply complete and print out our online order form and then FAX it to us.  This should ensure no delay in filling your order.  Our FAX number is (651)-458-8566.  Filling out the form completely will provide all of the requisite information including: 
    - Complete name and address.  Telephone number(s), (voice and FAX) with area code, zip code and country codes.
    - Include country of origin if outside of the U.S.
    - Method of payment.
    - Item number(s), descriptions.
    - Quantity Desired.
    - Preferred method of shipment if other than UPS standard 3 day ground.
  • U.S. Mail:  To order by mail, simply complete the Mail/FAX order form.  When complete, click the print button and forward it to us via the mail.  Our mailing address is:

    KHWMI Aircraft Jacks
    1020 Glen Road
    Newport, MN 55055

    Sorry, Minnesota residents must add sales tax.  Send your order with a certified check or money order to prevent delays.  All other checks must clear your bank before shipping.  Or, use your credit card.  This will assure the quickest filling and shipment of your order.

Q - What forms of payment do you accept and what are the terms?

Payment - You may pay by company check, personal check, Postal Money Order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

  • Personal and Business Checks via U.S. Mail, phone, FAX and On-Line must clear before product ships.

Q - How are the products shipped?

Shipping - Products are normally shipped via UPS standard 3-day ground.  Rush orders, including overnight delivery, is offered at additional cost.

Q - Other Companies Offer Products that Look a Lot Like Yours - What's Going On?

Imitation:  Often imitated - never duplicated!  Imitation is said to be the most sincere form of flattery.  This may be true, however.... Though you may see or have seen 'strikingly similar' products on the market, make no mistake; we are the original designers of these products.  We ask your discretion and urge you to consider the potential ramifications of trusting your aircraft and more importantly, your safety or the safety of your personnel, to a knock-off of our product.  Nonetheless, we'll give these companies some credit.  The fact that they are copying our products demonstrates at the very least, their ability to recognize, albeit not create, a clearly superior design/product and we certainly thank them for the testament.

Pride:  We at KHWMI/ are extremely proud of our superior products and innovative achievements.  KHWMI is the original designer and builder of the three-legged aircraft jack that had been specifically designed to clear the gear doors, wheels and landing gear linkages of the aircraft being lifted.  

It was also KHWMI that specifically set out to design, build and introduce the multiple-application (one jack set convertible to meet various aircraft jacking needs) for this type and design of jack.. Given this, we agree most heartily that the saying, 'Often Imitated - But Never Duplicated' unquestionably applies to us, our designs, products and our service.  Further, we are certain that you will too!

Your Satisfaction:
Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.  Since we are the originators of these products, we are exceedingly confident that when you compare all facets of our products - especially in the areas of design and quality of workmanship - you too will see that the right choice is - KHWMI/

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