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Hydraulic aircraft jacks and static tail-weight/stands from the original designer of the most versatile and highest quality airplane jacks for general aviation, light corporate and home-built airplanes - KHWMI/!

Model 326 Three Ton - Low Wing

Aircraft Model Required Aircraft Model Required
Beachcraft   Piper  
Baron BE55/58 2 Apache PA23 2
Bonanza BE33/35/26 2 Arrow PA28R 2
Debonair BE 35/33 2 Brave PA25 2
Duchess BE76 2 Cherokee PA28 2
Musketeer BE23 2 Cherokee 6 PA32 2
Sierra BE23 2 Comanche PA24 2
Sundowner BE23 2 Lance PA32 2
Travel Air BE95 2 Saratoga PA32 2
Others   Seminole PA44 2
Commander 112 / 114 2 Seneca I / II / III 2
Grumman Cheetah / Tiger 2 Twin Comanche PA 30/39 2
Mooney 2    

Know Howe Weld and Machine, Inc. designed this first-of-its-kind aircraft jack and is today the industry leader in manufacturing this versatile, economical and proven design.

Known for design innovation, AircraftJacks® delivers where others only imitate.

  • Unique Three Legged Trihedral Design - clears gear doors and associated linkages and at the same time ensures a solid, stable base footprint.
  • Single Action 3 Ton (6,000 lbs.) Hydraulic Cylinder - provides fast, efficient and powerful lifting of your aircraft.
  • Heavy Wall Jack Point Centering Ring - ensures that the aircraft stays safely and securely on the jack.
  • Two-Piece Locking Safety Collar - safely and securely holds the loads placed on them.
  • HROP Rugged Heavy Gauge Steel Construction - all fabricated components and hardware have been designed and incorporated to exceed known load-limits of the specified application.  In other words, these units are much stronger than they need to be!
  • Tubular Vertical Support Braces - braces are laser cut from 12 gauge, bright galvanized steel.  They are then press brake formed into a "U" channel that doubles for convenient storage of the jack's pump handle when not in use.
  • Touch Powder Coat Finish - all non-plated fabricated component parts are finished in an attractive and highly durable powder coat finish.  This finish has proven to hold up well under some of the harshest conditions - including cleaning solvents and hydraulic fluids.
  • One Year Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Shipped in Kit Form - assembly required.

Our Model 326 is the answer to your low wing single and light twin jacking needs.  This jack comprises the heart of the KHWMITM design.  It was born out of the necessity for time savings and the experience gained by what Dan calls "out-smartin' the part!"

This unit incorporates all of the critical elements of our other proven designs and as a result eliminates the frustration and unnecessary danger of having unstable jacks supporting your aircraft while working on or under it.  Also inherent in the design of this equipment is its ability to avoid interfering with the aircraft's landing gear, tires, gear components or landing gear doors near and adjacent to the jack points of the aircraft.

Owners of Beechcraft Bonanza and Baron aircraft especially appreciate our unique design for the manner in which the jacks may be positioned clear of the inner gear door hinge.

For the private aircraft owner who performs permitted maintenance or employs the skills of an A & P to perform repairs and maintenance in one's own hangar, this is a most popular and wise decision!

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