Call - 1-888-62JACKS (1-888-625-2257) or E-Mail, the website home of Know-Howe Weld & Machine, Inc., welcomes you!  You're to be congratulated for your discretion and care in selecting the equipment used in the repair and maintenance of your aircraft.  We are certain that you will not find a more versatile or higher quality jack or tail weight/stand than the one's designed and produced by KHWMI.

Know Howe Weld and Machine, Inc. or KHWMITM (pronounced "Qwah-me") dba, was founded in 1993 by Dan Howe.  KHWMITM began as a specialized aircraft repair source performing welding, machining, close-tolerance sheet metal repairs and fabrication that was beyond the range, capacity or ability of some local FBOs.  While doing this work, Howe conceived the basic jack design and began to create and perfect the components and products that are offered to you today.

Our products were first introduced to the general public through a partnership with the owner of what is now a defunct South St. Paul FBO.  To safeguard the exceptional quality and performance of our designs as well as to ensure from this point forward that all of our clients will be treated and dealt with fairly, honestly and ethically, KHWMI
TM is proud to now offer our superior products directly to you.

To best do this, we have deliberately remained a small yet efficient company affording us the necessary control over all aspects of production, sales and delivery of our specialty products.

TM takes great pride in the new and innovative designs and products that we create.  As such, we are firmly committed to the design and production of what we believe are the most practical, versatile and fairly priced products of this kind on the market today.  We do this with an uncompromising dedication to the quality of our materials, workmanship and functional performance.  Further, our products are designed with the functional needs of the end-user in mind - no fluff, just solid, dependable, versatile and tough!

Known for design innovation, AircraftJacks® delivers where others only imitate.

  • Versatile - ONE set accommodates more than forty different aircraft.  This is the majority of production general and light corporate aircraft.
  • Practical - Again, ONE set does the same work that would require the purchase of at least four separate sets from other manufacturers.
  • Stable - The KHWMITM jack base was specifically designed to be stable AND avoid virtually all interference with any of the aircraft landing gear or gear door components and NOT require the removal or disconnection of gear components.
  • Safe - Our jacks are provided with two-piece safety collars that when applied, safely and securely prevent the ram from lowering without the mechanic/operator initiating the action.
  • Economical - You save by purchasing ONE set of KHWMITM Aircraft Jacks for the same number of jacking applications requiring as many as four separate sets from other companies.  Our prices are comparable to what others are charging for each jack.
  • Space Saving - Hangar space is a major commodity.  If you're going to take up space with tools and equipment that are not in use the majority of the time (effectively not producing revenue), how much does that equipment really cost?  It can amount to far more than just the price of the jacks!
  • Time Saving - Easily converted from one application to another; our jacks are engineered to allow quick conversion from application to application (job to job).
  • Durable - KHWMITM Aircraft Jacks are manufactured from quality materials and finishes which ensure lasting performance and appearance.
  • Functional - Our jacks perform as designed.  They address the user's needs and solve the shortcomings that are inherent in other jacks.
  • Intuitive - Logical configurations ensure simple setup or conversion for any of the different applications.

We trust you will see the significant advantages of our products, the superior quality of our workmanship and novelty of our design.  We look forward to filling your order and helping you in any way we can to assist you in meeting all of your aircraft jacking needs.  Thank you for choosing KHWMITM Aircraft Jacks!

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